Radians Shift Interchangeable Lens Shooting Glasses

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The Radians SHIFT Interchangeable Lens Goggles Kit delivers Radians' performance, durability and impressive style in a kit designed for the maximum experience from your frames. Instead of purchasing several imagedifferent shooting glasses for different lighting situation, the SHIFT allows you to have a lens for any situation. Shoot in bright sunlight with the green lens or in mid-range light with the copper lens. Low-light situations call for an orange lens, and the clear lenses on your Radians SHIFT Goggles provide protection for indoor and outdoor night environments.
Sharpshooters take note: the Radians SHIFT Safety Shooting Kit with Interchangeable Lenses includes a bonus orange-tinted lens which enhances the visibility of orange targets while reducing eye strain. But shooting safety glasses need to have more than just unbeatable clarity. That's why Radians shooting glasses are padded with rubber on an ergonomic design that keeps them comfortable all day long - keeping those extended shooting sessions as pleasant as possible. The rugged frames, while built to last, are also stylish. Your Radians SHIFT Shooting Frames Interchangeable Lens Kit comes with five lenses, a carrying case, cleaning cloth, neck cord, and a replacement nosepiece.
The Radians SHIFT Lens Kit comes with five colors:
Green Mirror - Sports a reflective coat that is ideal for bright sun shooting on an outdoor range.
Copper - If the light isn't as bright, pop in the copper lenses, designed to enhance your depth perception in medium light.
Amber - As the afternoon turns to evening, right in that sweet spot where light is still a factor but it's too dark to use such a strong lens: that's where the amber lenses come in.
Clear - When you need safety out of the sun.
Orange - Specifically designed for orange targets without the eye strain.
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