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The Leapers UTG Combat LT-EL228Q 26mm Integrated Reflector LED Flashlight is a versatile, ergonomic lighting solution for both handheld and weapon-mounted use. This lightweight but powerful Leapers UTG flashlight features a small body that can be held in your hand, but it is also equipped with an integrated Quick Release mounting deck to fit on any Picatinny or Weaver-style rail for tactical illumination. Leapers have built the tactics-oriented flashlight to pump out 150 lumens of white light from its Integrated Reflector and Bulb (IRB) system, which features a CREE LED bulb for optimal focus from the first time you activate the Leapers Combat 26mm 150 Lumen LED Flash Light.

Each of these flashlights is built from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum for added durability and it can be operated using its Twist-On, Momentary Push-On, or remote pressure switch functionality, depending on your use and purpose. The front head of the tactical flashlight is built with a tough bezel that's tactics-ready, equipped with a law enforcement-rated rolling stop shoulder to prevent the flashlight from rolling off an uneven surface. For a high powered weapon light that can function handheld or mounted to a weapon, choose the Leapers Combat 26mm Rolling Stop Shoulder Weapon Light.

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