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Hearing Protection

  • Howard Leight Earplugs Foam - 033552018964

    Howard Leight Earplugs Foam

    MaxLite earplugs are ideal for long-term users and those with smaller ear canals. The low pressure foam earplugs offer long-term user comfort not found in other pre-shaped foam earplugs. The non-irritating, non-allergenic self-adjusting foam recovers to...

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  • Radians Def-guard Muff - 674326212296

    Radians Def-guard Muff

    Economical Hearing Protectionlightweight DesignDialectic ConstructionCan Be Combined With Earplugs(Not Included) For The Ultimate Hearing Protection

  • Radians Foam Ear Plugs - 674326212579

    Radians Foam Ear Plugs

    Tested according to ANSI specs S3.19-1974, Radians made in the USA disposable foam earplugs feature soft, slow-recovery foam for extreme comfort and outstanding noise reduction to protect your hearing. They are easy to roll down and insert, and they...

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  • Radians Jelli Snug Plugs - 674326212586

    Radians Jelli Snug Plugs

    Prevent that dreaded ear ringing by wearing a pair of Radians corded snug plugs when shooting or at construction sites. For long lasting use, these earplugs are completely washable and reusable. The innovative conical design reduces noise by up to 28...

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  • Radians Pink Pro Amp Electric - 674326233031

    Radians Pink Pro Amp Electric

    Electronic sound amplification earmuff with 2 independent high frequency directional microphones. Automatically compresses harmful impulse to a safer range below 85dB without clipping or cutting. Padded CoolMax? headband moves moisture away while...

  • Radians Radband Ear Protection - 674326415000

    Radians Radband Ear Protection

    Radians Rad-Band offers quick on-and-off hearing protection for those moments when you need to take an immediate shot. Lightweight dielectric design fitted with super soft Jelli Plugs. Earplug angle is engineered to align with ear canal for maximum sound...

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