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  • Al's Goldfish Spoon - 038866011014

    Al's Goldfish Spoon

    One of Field and Stream's "50 Greatest Lures of all time" and "10 Greatest Trout Lures of all time"Over 60 years of success catching ALL fresh water fish including Trout, Salmon, Bass, Walleye, Pickerel, Perch and Muskie. Also...

  • Berkley Bullet Pop - 028632298695

    Berkley Bullet Pop

    Tail weighted design tuned for maximum casting distanceVersatile, easy to use popping and walking actionTapered back adds flash and surface disturbanceSubtle clicking sound to draw in fish

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  • Berkley Gulp Alive Peeler Crab - 028632220801

    Berkley Gulp Alive Peeler Crab

    Each bait has a natural presentation in action, scent, and tasteRig as is or like a live crabExpand your strike zone with Gulp! scent dispersionCOLOR Natural PeelerBAIT LENGTH 2in | 5cmPACKAGING Pint 4x7

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  • Berkley Gulp Corn - 028632141236

    Berkley Gulp Corn

    Great replacement for natural cornFeatures Gulp! extreme scent dispersionExpand your strike zone with Gulp! scent dispersion COLOR YellowBAIT LENGTH 1/4in | .5cmPACKAGING Jar