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  • Avian-x Jake & Lookout Hen Set - 810280080094

    Avian-x Jake & Lookout Hen Set

    If you're heading out west to chase Merriam's, give yourself the upper hand with the most accurate decoys available. Avian-X is proud to bring you the very first production decoys that mimic the exact coloration specific to Merriam's turkeys.This combo...

  • Avian-x Topflight Bluebill - 810280080889

    Avian-x Topflight Bluebill

    You can only find blue bill perfection in two places: flying overhead or in an Avian-X box. These decoys feature rubberized molding material and durable paint schemes for season after season success. The pack of six includes both greater and lesser blue...

  • Avian-x Topflight Gadwall - 810280080858

    Avian-x Topflight Gadwall

    Gadwall, or gray ducks as most call them, can be some of the South's wariest ducks. Come late season, these birds will circle your spread - gaining altitude with every pass. Level the playing field with Topflight gadwall, created with the attitude of...

  • Avian-x Topflight Mallard - 810280080766

    Avian-x Topflight Mallard

    No two mallards are alike in nature, and they aren't in this fusion pack either. Six unique postures create a spot-on depiction of the natural behavior of mallards over water. Ultra-realistic paint schemes combine with the ultimate in paint adhesion and...

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  • BIG RIVER LONG HONKER - 017435001892


    The BR189 Long Honker has been a favorite of goose hunters for a few decades! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this is an awesome call. It produces that deep, deep honk, cluck, moan, or murmur of an old Canada goose. This polycarb version produces a...

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  • Drake 12/20 Decoy Bag - 684002330060

    Drake 12/20 Decoy Bag

    A compact, lightweight decoy bag specifically designed for traveling light. Ideal for hunters that have to hike long distances, or for boat hunters that carry a small spread and need to conserve space in the boat. Holds 12 magnums or 20 standard size...

  • Feather Flex  Economy - 71044000861

    Feather Flex Economy

    Feather Flex decoys are the most lightwieght, collapsible and hunter friendly decoys on the market. Easily packable and highly realistic. You won't find a more effective decoy out there.

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  • Ghg Pro-Grade Pintails - 700905731312

    Ghg Pro-Grade Pintails

    These Pintail Duck Decoys are just the ticket for building your ultimate rig! The realism of these decoys is irresistible to even the spookiest birds, and the price is affordable! Includes: 2 Relaxed Drakes1 High Head Drake1 Surface Feeder Drake1...

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  • Ghg Standard Decoy Bag - 700905800315

    Ghg Standard Decoy Bag

    Features Constructed of rot & mildew-proof polyester mesh2” wide comfortable shoulder strapsNylon paracord drawstring & spring-lock closure These 30 x 50 inch decoy bags are made from durable and rot-proof polyester mesh and are printed in...