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  • Dual Coyote Adjust Distress - 613103050737

    Dual Coyote Adjust Distress

    •Dual Chamber Technology™ •Larger, adjustable single reed design •Move O-ring up & down reed to adjust •Coyote barks, howls & pup distress •Plus rabbit, fawn & bird distress •Lanyard included •Made in USA

  • Dual Coyote Open Reed Distress - 613103050720

    Dual Coyote Open Reed Distress

    Nothing fools a coyote better than an emotional call. You just can't get emotion with an electronic call. That's why veteran predator callers use hand calls. And, nothing sounds as real as a DUEL Predator Call with Dual Chamber Technology. Convince more...

  • Flextone Fawn Bawl - 815097001119

    Flextone Fawn Bawl

    In places that young deer are on the menu, the flextone Fawn Bawl is sure to bring Wolves, Bears, or Coyotes looking for an easy meal, SKU: FBFGDEER00019

    MSRP: $31.69
  • H.S. Strut Hammerin' Crow Call - 021291069644

    H.S. Strut Hammerin' Crow Call

    The Hammerin' Crow Call from H.S Strut features an adjustable reed system to allow for multiple tones. This call works great for locating gobblers and is also wonderful for crow hunting.

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  • Haydels Yippi Ki Yea Call - 086666101855

    Haydels Yippi Ki Yea Call

    Haydel's Yippi Ki Yea Predator Mouth Call is very easy to use. The Ki Yi vocalizations of a coyote are a killer sound on call shy dogs even after you have shot the first guest that shows up.