Aquaskinz Belt Pouch

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The large pouch has a deep, expandable center pocket for putting in all your essentials. Whether you store terminal tackle, leader materials, back-up gear or choose to use it for a whole host of rubber baits this is an essential tool to have.

Strong, rip stop material that is non-water absorbing with nylon lamination for durability.
Corrosion resistant saltwater grade zipper.
Additional front pockets, one for bucktails, fly’s or teasers and the other for leaders, quick snaps or other terminal tackle.
Drain holes with stainless steel grommets on the bottom as well as on the two front pockets.
Two stationary belt loops for attaching to your wading belt.
Size : W 10 1/2" x D 3 1/2" x H 8 1/2"


A multi-faceted tool that will hold your leaders, loose bucktails, rubber baits and other terminal gear. There is more room in this pouch than you can imagine. This item will quickly become one of your favorites and will give you the edge when you need that little extra room. Works great on a kayak or small craft as well.

Strong rip stop material used for all our quality bags.
Military grade brass turn-buckle with a matt black finish for securing the flap shut.
Stainless steel grommets for quick drainage.
A corrosion resistant saltwater grade zipper.
Our unique Velcro hook and loop systems tailored for removal or adjustment without having to undo your wading belt.
Main storage compartment.
Front storage and organizer pockets for leaders and terminal tackle.
Size: W 8" x D 2 1/2" x H 6"

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