1 Hour Archery Training

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One Hour of Private Archery Instruction (Outdoor Only) provides you with one-on-one instruction with a USA Archery Certified Instructor. Notify your instructor of what you need the most help with so he can adjust the lesson to fit your needs.

Typical Skills Covered:

Compound, Recurve & Long Bow
Sight & Rest Adjustment
Form & Technique Correction
Maintenance & Lubrication
Target Panic Exercises
Bow Hunter Exercises


What you need to do before the class:

You are required to have your own bow and arrows.
Verify your bow has correct draw length and draw weight that fits you before the start of class.
Verify you have the correct arrows to safely shoot the bow before the start of class.
Verify all your field points are the same weight (100gr is most common).
Verify your bow is setup prior to starting class (sight, rest, peep-sight, D-loop, etc. are installed.)
Verify you have an armguard, finger tab/shooting glove that fits you (if shooting recurve/longbow)
Verify you have a trigger release that fits you (if shooting compound bow)
If you are unable to verify the above information, see Rob Greco Jr or Rob Greco Sr. at L.I. Outdoorsman so they can look at your gear.


What you need to bring:

Arrows w/ field points
Mechanical Release (compound bow)
Finger tab/shooting glove (recurve/longbow)
Foam or bag archery target that is suitable for the power of your bow. If you don't have your own target, we can provide one for you, but it is recommended to have your own target so that you can practice on your own.


What will NOT be allowed:

NO shooting from tree stands or elevated platforms
NO broadheads
NO crossbows
NO 3D targets (deer, turkey, bear, etc.)


Where: We do our instruction at Cedar Creek Park at 3340 Merrick Rd, Seaford, NY 11783.

Reservations: Instruction is by reservation only. All reservations must be prepaid. Each session costs $65.00 for the first hour. Each additional hour costs another $50.00.

Group Rate: each addtional person receives 20% off the hourly rate. To get the group rate you must purchase at full price and we will refund you the difference afterwards.


Schedule: (times may vary depending upon whether shooting indoor or outdoor and time of year)

Mon: mornings up until 9:30am or anytime after 5pm

Tues: mornings up until 9:30am or anytime after 5pm

Sunday: all day


Cancellations: we require 72 hrs notice or no refund will be given.

Instructor Contact Info: email LIFGS.ROB@GMAIL.COM for questions


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